Dragon doesn't translate pages

COMODO Dragon for some reason ceased to translate pages. Each time in attempt of translation of the text in a browser window from above I see the message: “Transfer isn’t complete because of problems with network connection”. What will advise to correct a problem? (it is translated from Russian by http://www.translate.ru )

Windows Server 2003 R2


Please post examples of the web pages that are not translated and a screenshot of the error message.

Thank you.

Examples of the web pages:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Also I can’t enter into account Google for synchronization of data (but I can enter into the account Google through www.google.by ).

But at Dragon connection through the AdvOr program (proxy, Advanced Onion Router v0.3.0.1), works both translation of pages and synchronization.

The problem is solved. It was necessary to disable “to use a proxy” in the Internet Explorer settings.