Dragon can't connect to net with Secure DNS Server on.

Must have just started.

This morning it was OK. Went shopping and nothing was working until I un-ticked Secure DNS server box.

I was about to post the same problem. Dragon worked fine yesterday, but not today unless I untick the secureDNS option. I’m using Windows 7 Pro. Rebooted twice, but no change. I just installed Dragon yesterday, so I’m not familiar with all the settings, but I did follow the troubleshooting tips on Dragon home page to no avail. Thanks,

Well, it’s now working for me. I changed nothing, other than to work in the yard for an hour and come in and retest. I’m not pleased that it seems this unreliable. I’m only using the secureDNS for Dragon and would be hesitant to make my default. Maybe this is a rare occurrance. I also did a speed test against my default (OpenDNS). Download speeds were the same, but upload was 22 mb on OpenDNS and only 17mb on secureDNS. That’s not a big concern to me, but it did come as a surprise. All said, i’m very pleased with Dragon. I hope it’s also working for the OP.

Hi guys, this issue also reported in the Secure DNS part of the forum …


Captainsticks has made a report up towards the development end of the food chain, so fingers crossed a reply will get back to us there