Dragon bug with Facebook games (possibly flash related)

For about a week now… all of a sudden I been geting a bug with my mouse cursor only in dragon. IN most facebook games. 2 or 3 games work but most my cursor wont click on buttons inside of the game’s I have to move cursor way from what I want to click on then it will highlight it… I have a clean formatted pc and Have windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. I never had this issue ever with dragon until recently. I have uninstalled dragon and cleaned out everything linked to dragon and rebooted and re installed it and then it will for for maybe 15 min or until i close out of dragon. then when i end up opening it back up I get the same prob with my mouse cursor dont know if all of a sudden fb apps have a issue with dragon or not… but Like I said a few work jsut fine but many other games on fb it wont work cant click on nothing in app’s. Can somene tell me what is wrong or what might be the issue going on here?

Hi and welcome jersha2003,
There is a known issue between the current Dragon and the Flash Plug-in.
The latest Flash Beta has been known to fix some of the current issues.

…under - settings → show advanced settings → content settings → mouse cursor - i have had set “don’t allow any site to disable mouse cursor” for a long time & haven’t had any problems…