Dragon and Kaspersky protection addon

Hi there!

I had dragon version 55 and Kaspersky internet security 2017 with kaspersky protection addon version and finally after years i had fully functional kaspersky addon like in normal google chrome.

And now i have dragon version 58.0.3029.113 and kaspersky internet security 2018 with same version addon and not working again :frowning: so i am now 4 years back again :confused:

Can you please fix this? I need this protection addon i want it fully funktional.

this might help you https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kaspersky-protection/mchjnmdbdlkdbfliogedbnpnanfjnolk

Yep thumbs up for you. Working perfect. :slight_smile:

Lookslike it is new version. And why my kaspersky not installed this newest version but oldest? hmm.

your welcome and the reason kaspersky never did because during the time they made 18 of kaspersky the extension in it was the latest one because i am runing Kaspersky Total Security (c) and before i told you i tired that method because it auto installed it into my cent browser so what i did i booked marked the extension and went to it in comodo dragon and installed it direct from the chrome store because i went through the same issue you went through and i fount this to be the easiest solution to the problem


I have same problem now (nothing updated - upgraded) yesterday working good today addon is greyed out.