Dragon 64Bits next to the 32 bit version


I use the 32 bit version. Wanting to try the 64bit version, I wanted to know if it was possible to combine the two versions?

Yes, Dragon can be installed in “portable mode”.

Hello Magneto, why would you want to combine 2 of them, :slight_smile: if ur Windows is x64 use that version, if not use the x32, u can install them both on different partitions, or have one installed in portable mode, the difference between them is not that noticeable, but ofc feel free to test it urself, and let us know ur opinion

Thank you,


I want to install both versions, to see if it’s worth it to switch to the 64bit version.
I did the same with Firefox and I realized that the 64Bits version was more greedy in memory and it did not bring anything at the level of use.

I also use the Sandboxie program and I also have to see if the 64 bit version will handle correctly with my settings.

Understood, Then magneto install one normally and the other portable, u have the option in the installer u need to check the box, then select the destination folder on the desktop or somewhere u can access it easely.
Best of luck,