Dragon 33 - Flash Player issues workaround!


In light of recent issues with Adobe Flash Player we’ve decided to provide a workaround.
Our tests and investigations showed that there were problems with Adobe’s Flash Player functionality in Chrome 33, problems which were integrated in Dragon when we updated the Chromium core.
To solve these issues you will have to enable Chrome’s pepperflash in Dragon and disable Adobe’s Flash Player.
First you have to acquire the pepflashplayer.dll file from a Chrome installation. It’s normally located in Chrome’s install location, in the “PepperFlash” folder.
You can leave the file there or you can copy it to another location.

The second step is to create a shortcut for Dragon on the desktop, open its properties dialog and add the following command line switches after the target path:
–ppapi-flash-path=“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\34.0.1847.131\PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll” --ppapi-flashversion=

  1. For the first parameter you have to add the path to the pepperflash dll on you system
  2. You will find the pepperflahs version in the “manifest.json” file found alongside pepflashplayer.dll. You can open this file with notepad.

The target field should look something like this: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon\dragon.exe” --ppapi-flash-path=“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\34.0.1847.131\PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll” --ppapi-flashversion=

A safety measure would be to disable Adobe Flash in Dragon. Launch Dragon, navigate to “dragon://plugins” click the “Details” button and disable Adobe’s dll under the “Adobe Flash Player” entry.
To make pepperflash work in Dragon make sure to always use this shortcut when running the browser.

Edit: The command line switch added to the target field of the shortcut is no longer required since the release of V31.1, Captainsticks.

Are you going to make a quick update to fix this or are we looking at the same multi-month release schedule?

We are going to make a quick update asp.

Thanks, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

That’s good because having to have 2 browsers installed to make one of them work is a bit ridiculous.
Just another reason for me to stay with my trusty IE.

Why you released it then ?
Didn’t you test it before release ???

It’s not like that issue was not known…

We really need a upgrade, too much work to get flash stuff working…

Update: Re-installed latest flash player 13, everything works great again.

What fungus said, that’s too much to do. Imagine Novices, they just want the browser to work, they are not going to do these extra things. Yes, I know that it doesn’t take much time and it is just for a few seconds/minutes throughout 6 weeks before an update, just saying.
Maybe a script they(novices) can download?
Well,…if an update is coming, no worries.

With all the variables and sites available bugs will get missed, it is a fact of life with any software. :slight_smile:

Correct me if I am wrong, but with the Dragon/Flash issue isn’t there two software’s involved?
Should a browser accommodate a plugin or vice-versa? :wink:

Good to know. I’m using PepperFlash from the first days of CD. :-TU

Glad to hear it, the bug is annoying and having to launch from a specific desktop shortcut every time will just be an inconvenience for someone who uses the task bar xD

Hi CompuTekBrain,
Simply pin the edited shortcut to the taskbar.

Kind regards.

Never thought of that - thanks :slight_smile:

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

I don’t like the fact that you get double dragon icons on the taskbar then, one for the shortcut and one for the actual process… It hurts… :-\

Hi Sanya,
That is not happening here, I will check the other system later this evening and see if it reproduces.

I tried it again and got the same issue but then the two icons merged all of a sudden…

[ol]- Create shortcut

  • Pin shortcut to taskbar
  • Click shortcut on taskbar
  • A new dragon icon will pop up on the taskbar
  • ~10 seconds later
  • The new dragon icon disappears/merges with the shortcut icon
  • Closing the browser and then opening it again by clicking the shortcut icon doesn’t seem to create the issue again, seems to only be the first time you click the new shortcut icon…[/ol]

Iunno if that makes sense…

That makes perfect sense and I can replicate this using a newly created Dragon portable shortcut. :-TU
Maybe something to do with Windows caching the new shortcut (Don’t really know why though). :-
I possibly just missed seeing this happen previously with the newly created installed version shortcut.
At least it is only once off.

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