Dragon will not display certain pages on ING & Verizon

I do not care to be a techie on this stuff I just want to have it work. When visiting my investment page on ING Share Builder or trying to log into my Verizon acct, dragon fails and the websites return varous messages such as “Web Page not available” or “Something went wrong” and suggests checking popup blockers, firewall etc.

I have enabled pop ups and turned off the phishing and malware settings in Dragon to no avail. Javascript is enabled as far as Dragon implements it. Nada… Open FireFox and there is no problem at all.

I used to hate Chrome… I have come to like the Dragon version and set it as my default browser, but I dislike very much having it fail on a few but still very important web sites. FireFox always works, and it seems to be getting faster. I may have to just go back to Firefox as my default.

Please make Dragon as reliable as FireFox

Hi larryj,

Welcome to the forums!
Do you remember if you changed the default setting ‘Use Comodo Secure DNS with dragon’.
If not it could be caused by the Secure DNS restrictions.

You could go to 'Options, Under the hood, and verify ‘Enable malware domain filtering’ see if it’s checked, if so please try again with it unchecked.