Drag and drop any tab onto the bookmarks bar - With poll

I would like to be able to drag and drop any tab onto the bookmarks bar.


simple and useful feature

We already thought about implementing this small usability enhancement. It is in our to-do list.

Thanks lightstep,
Dragon is turning out to be a great browser and all your work is very appreciated.

say you got a bunch of tabs opened that you want to bookmark with this feature implemented. then you wouldn’t have to select each tab and then click and drag the favicon in the url bar to the bookmarks bar. instead you could just drag each tab to the bookmarks bar. slightly faster and smoother way to do it but i think you can currently just shift click all the tabs you want to bookmark and then right click on any selected tab and bookmark all the tabs that you have selected. if you can’t then that should be added as well

A very good idea. Stash as in Opera would also be great as addition.

+1. I like this idea and hope comodo considers this.