Dr. Oz spam mail

Recently the anti-spam filter has not been catching just about every “Dr. Oz” and its variants emails. I’ve reported several of the emails through the gateway interface but the spam just keeps on coming.

Hi splitzero…

What are you current spam-detection settings?


They are at and have been at the default settings since I signed up.

Spam threshold: 0.9
Probable spam threshold: 0.3

I’d submit more email to the report spam section but it’s a pain in the ■■■■ to have to convert to the .eml format. Outlook only saves to .msg format.

I’m getting 3-5 junk mails with this Dr. Oz stuff DAILY, whereas prior to July I was lucky to get 3-5 junk mails IN TOTAL per WEEK. And this is per mail box on my mail server.


Could you drop the spam threshold to 0.15 and let us know the result please?

We are aware of a botnet spam campaign with the Dr. Oz theme but the sender is being fairly elusive and using some pretty good obfuscation techniques that we are attempting to combat.


lowering it down to 0.15 has tapered it back but there’s still some getting through. We’re also getting a lot of Facebook phishing emails now that appear to be Friend Requests but are actually links to malicious websites.

cant it be filtered from the message header to block these key words?
Dr.OZ News
Doctor OZ News
Doctor Oz News
Dr. OZ News
Dr.Oz News
Dr. Oz News