DPC latency

Hello all. I know that DPC latency is caused by CPU having too many highest priority requests, and it can cause system slowdown, sound stuttering and some other problems. But I don’t know how to diagnose it properly.

I know of 2 programs to check DPC, it’s DPC latency checker, that shows current DPC latency, and LatencyMon, that can show DPC info per driver (since most of the time DPC latency is caused by a driver(s)).

But I don’t really know what should I look for \ at. LatencyMon shows IRS count, DPC count, highest execution and total exxecution (for drivers) and pagefaults (for processes).

If you know more about this problem, tell me how to correctly diagnose this problem, step bystep if possible. Maybe there are other programs to do this?

Hello! Basically… With DPC latency checker you ‘test/activate your drivers or anything else which you might suspect’ and looking for any rapid high spike…

For LatencyMon it’s the same story. If you need detailed help with it email/PM “Kail” here (moderator). (I’m sure he won’t mind and he helped me to find my issue).