Downloading with Opera - warnings

I do d/l a lot of software to try and each time I click on Save to Download Folder in Opera CFP asks me if Opera should be allowed to make new folder/file.
I click Yes - Remember Answer, but of course it’s a different file each time.
Is there a way of allowing Opera just to do its thing?

As a general principle, multiple questions about 1 app. doing the same thing many times are a nuisance. I use WinSweeper and always get the same question regardless of how I answer.

Never heard of Winsweeper but I use Firefox along with Free Download Manager and get no pop ups. I simply made it trusted in D+. Have you tried downloading with D+ in training mode or making Winsweeper trusted?

How do you have Opera set up in D+? I have it as a Windows System Application and never hear from CFP3 when downloading.

I noticed that one the later CFP versions added some rule to Defense+ so that CFP doesn’t alert me anymore whenever I click on a .exe file to save/open with Opera anymore. Before I was always receiving 2 alerts in that instance. Not that I’m complaining ;D

This is because Defense+ is reporting on a per-file basis… what you could do to prevent CFP from prompting you & Opera saving files to places you don’t want/like, find Opera’s entry in Defense+ (Advance - Computer Security Policy)… edit it (double click), select “Access Rights” - Protected Files/Folder - Modify. On the Allowed Files/Folders tab you should see all the individual file authorisations that you’ve been giving Opera. Delete them all, except one & modify it to replace the filename.exe with a "" (star, no quotes). Hit Apply 4 times (yea, I know). Now, Opera should have the authorisation to write the to directory you have specified (including sub-directories). You can add some more wildcard () directories if you wish, it’s easy with the browse function, where you also want Opera to be allowed to save files to without CFP prompting you.

Thanks kail, that’s exactly what I didn’t know I needed. :slight_smile:

Thanks kail, I’ll see how that does. I use just 1 folder for all downloads so it’s quite simple.