I installed the free download of Comodo yesterday… today at a site I was asked to download Adobe Flash Player which I have had. I cannot get the Flash Player to download. Was something checked/uncheched during the Comodo download that will not allow me to get this download. I am a newbie to computers so any directions given must be in ‘PC’s for Dummies’ mode. Thanks.

I’m not sure which Comodo application you downloaded since there are many. But if you’re asking about Comodo Internet Security, no, there is nothing selected by default that would disable your Flash Player download.

Anything that you might suggest for me to succesffully download Adobe Flah Player would be helpful. Anything to check/uncheck in IE that would allow me to do this.

I don’t use IE, but the only things I can think that might influence the download would possibly be Javascript or cookies.

Are you able to use a direct download link?
(This should link you directly to the download of Flash Player for Internet Explorer)

Went to link…gave me a message that this is an old version. I’m still trying…any other suggestions?
Anything having to do with ‘allowing cookies’?

Sorry, that is the link that I got when searching for a direct download link to Flash Player…

As I said, it could be a cookie issue. However, I just opened IE and disabled cookies and was able to start a download. (*URL below) Disabling Javascript however, killed it. Do you have Javascript disabled?

I always download my basic tools like Flash from Filehippo. You probably need the non IE (Netscape plug in ) version: .

I linked to the ActiveX version because he had asked if there were settings he should check in IE.

In case he needs the IE version: .

If using IE you will have run or save option, I always find saving is the best option then execute it after download is complete.