Download or Export Offline updates.

I want to install CIS in my other computer which do not have access to the internet. so I have to update that manually. as each time I install a clean version of latest CIS, it downloads between 80-120Mb of updates(and I don’t know why?!), I assume that the latest version is not contain the latest virus database, so is there any way to export latest update from my current system and use it in other PC? or any specific place to download the newest offline updates?
I did a search on forum and found some offline updates but they were out dated.

one more related question, will this help to copy only “bases.cav” file inside “repair” and “scanners” folder to have latest virus database? or maybe this is something else?

thanks before.

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The only think that you can export is your settings and nothing more.

Click here to dowload the complete database

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Valentin N

If you boot into safe mode, you should be able to copy your updated bases.cav file in the scanners folder and paste it into the same folder on your other machine. Just follow the procedure mentioned here: Where can i download the latest full AV database? to install it on your other machine.

I say to make the copy of bases.cav while in safe mode just to ensure that CIS isn’t trying to access the file when you try to copy it.

Thanks for your input HeffeD :slight_smile: I didn’t find it before :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for information. :-TU