Download of older CIS versions


I have brought a somewhat old XP-SP3 machine out of retirement. The CIS on it is version 5. Trying to install CIS 8, I was told to first install CIS 7 and from there go to version 8.

Sounds simple, but … I have tried, tried and then retried to find a place from where to download CIS version 7. No success!!

Where to find CIS 7 (for XP/SP3)?

FileHorse has old versions:

Thank you, now the upgrade to CIS 8 is finished.

You’re welcome. I had so much trouble with v8.2, that I just stayed with v7.0. I don’t particularly like the new Trusted Files (with the lack of the Purge button) and I also don’t like the new behavior of the Sandbox. Glad you got it sorted out! :wink:

Also, be aware that CIS v8.x begins to implement SSE2 instruction set. Therefor an SSE2 capable CPU will be required.


That’s was a very important safety tip for me; I can ignore the update notification now.