download of old versions?

where I can download old versions of Comodo Firewall?
On the Comodo page only the newest version can be downloaded… :frowning:


Why do you want to download an older version? → is the last version before 3.13.126709.581 . That’s what I’m currently using since I haven’t found any need to update because it’s only on fixing the antivirus that I don’t have. If you have 64-Bit operating system, just replace the x32 with x64

Why do you want to download an older version?

because I have problems caused by Comodo (see the topic I post before), so I want to try earlier versions.
Somewhre they should be stored on the page , or?

Most of the updates over the past year have been to the AV. If you feel D+ is causing your problem, I don’t think trying an earlier version is going to help any because it isn’t constantly changing the way the AV is.

I dont know what exactly causes my problem using Avast Antivirus It is the firewall or the D+.
So somewhere should be the reason for this problem with the WebShield of Avast.

ok, are old setups stored somewhere or not?

You could always go through the Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News - CIS thread and look for the release announcements. Maybe some of those links to the .exe’s are still valid.

To make it easier than even searching for you 88), :

Because the new version has problems, it will not remember some process that you give permission to run even when the remember decision is checked and for some reason on xp systems and even when you define a trusted app and the computer has to wait for the new version to quit before it shuts down if the computer shuts down at all.

I for one will be using an older version with firewall only which worked fine before they merged them together.The stand alone fire wall seems to be more stable.

I found the link to the firewall only here it is.It is Comodo Firewall 4.1.19277.920,63762-order,1-page,1/description.html

Thanks for this link reputable Software such as Avast give a list to all their older products this site not so much, also as stated above this v.5 is terrible minimizes most of my apps as it sees fit make my pc run hotter than most, sorry until all this is fixed on Win 7 i wont use this joke that is v.5

good luck to those that find it works.

Download Comodo Internet Security for Windows -

I tried file hippo and it just sent me to the page to download the new 30.7mb install file of the current version 5 even though it says 58mb. File hippo doesn’t seem to be an archive. Am I doing something wrong? I did a checksum on it and they are exactly the same. How do I download an older version? Version 5 wouldn’t work properly on my machine and I had to install the oldest version I had a copy of. I’d like to download the latest before 5. (Also reconfiguring the settings, skin, and relearning how to use a new version is a serious time consumer.)

May I make a suggestion?

If you can’t locate older versions, try Private Firewall. It’s compatible with W7 (x86/x64), Vista (x86/x64) and XP (x86). I use it on my XP x86 machine and, in my opinion, it’s the best free firewall out there. If it was compatible with XP x64, I’d use it on my other system as well! If you want to know more, check out the Wilders Security Forums.

I am also having lots of problems in Vista with version 5 which never occurred with version 4 or previous versions. With 5 installed my desktop won’t load. Comodo seems to be blocking the user profile service. Would be handy to go back to version 4 until this is fixed. I keep checking the update dates of version 5 on the download page but last date was 29th December.

Maybe Comodo could post a link to version 4 somewhere for those having trouble with the latest version?