download comodo before going on net

hello…im the new kid on the block with a question!!! just bought a new pc how can i download comodo and install before accessing the internet.i do have another pc that i can use. i have received both emails to download and the activation code.(did i see that code is not required anymore?) thanks pluto

First off, welcome to the forums and COMODO community.

There are many ways, but i’ll just list a few more common ones:

  • USB drive / memory key
  • external HD
  • burn a CD
  • If you have a router/switch/hub… disable your internet & network the new PC in and copy the file across from your old PC
  • if you don’t have a router/switch/hub… a cross-over cable will do the trick (assuming both PC’s have NIC’s)

Hope that helps!

thanks for quick reply…is the download file an exe? if so ,i can put it on my thumb drive and then install on new pc. what about my question of activation code? thank you pluto


The download file is an .exe

With the latest version (2.4) you do not need a licence key to activate, as the activation is included with each download and is registered to the computer when installed.


hi mike… so the activation key i received , i can ignore? oh dear!! maybe it was the licence key i received. im at work and cant remember. ill check tonite. may i tell a quick story? my son was having major problems with his pc, spyware and virus’s were shutting down mcafee and zone alarm. he finally ran about 3 sweeps of webroot spysweeper,uninstalled mcafee and zone alarm,reinstalled avg and comodo. his pc has never been better. runs like a top no virus or spyware infections since!! thats why im installing cfw and avg on my new pc. thank you comodo for offering your firewall as a free defence against the creeps and hackers. pluto

Just to quickly add to the list , if you are running XP, simiply enable the XP firewall. This will get you through at least safe enough to download some things. Comodo will shut it down for you upon install. However, when hooking to home network after, XP will thrust the firewall back upon you so you would in that situation, disable it manually.


It sounds like you may have downloaded 2.3 rather than 2.4 as you would not have received any key for version 2.4. You may download the latest version from:

Your story rings true for many, as malware grows more advanced in shutting down / altering security software leaving you defenceless. CFP verifies it’s internal files, and protects its files and registry from any modification or deletion - so you shouldn’t face this issue with CFP. :wink: