Someone might want to notify that the new version of CIS is out, they still are showing the old version 3.5 and people are missing out on the new version. is still hosting v3.5 as well :frowning:

Softpedia is up to date though, as always ;D

FileHippo is still at CFP

Indeed they are, Thats bad as those are some major download sites! Still 3.5 will auto update to 3.8 right? Leaving noone behind with an old CIS version… ? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

How about version 3.0 ? will they as well get auto updated? :o :o This is bad anyway, people might get the wrong impression of CIS, as 3.5 has a lot of popups compared to 3.8 where that problem has been partially fixed.

Only to the firewall. They must download from COMODO and reinstall to get the AV.

Contacted FileHippo about this issue…

But not

Tried that also, but they seem not to do anything with it…
What’s the trick there ? do we need to get an X number of people complaining before they “update” it ?

… Talking about filehippo that is …

I contacted PC För Alla about CFP 3.0 ~ CIS 3.8. They haven’t answered. :frowning:

I don’t think PC För Alla likes CIS that much… You can see they are a part of IDG that has a guy working at norton who from time to time posts some new security info… =)

Will do some spamming (tomorrow)… hopefully they will update after a while or their inbox might get full! ;D

(joking ofc respect others inboxes… But I could always send one mail)


I got an answer exactly 2 hours after I posted here! ;D

Hej och tack för ditt mejl,

Jag skickar det vidare till den ansvarige för Programbanken.

:THNK :comodo110: I would like to chuck my pennies in on this one. Perhaps Comodo dont feel like “Giving” the go ahead to Download .com and others because of the recent/ ongoing instability of 3.8477 and the bugs which still need fixing. Experiencing problems with Cis may result in bad press in the review sections of the download sites, and i for one dont want that to happen. Better Comodo waits until 3.9 is “fully” stable, and then unleash the beast into the market, and show them the full power of Cis internet security!!. Then i think will be the right time to get positive, reviews.

Just my way of looking at it folks.

Dave 1234.

Interesting point except i don’t have any problems with V.477.
The version before was a pig but i thought the problems had been fixed in the latest version, maybe not.

I too find version .477 very stable! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Same here. 468 and 471 were very buggy, but 477 is ok. BTW has lot of “out of date” programs.

I find 3.8 to be a huge improvement over 3.5.

Just sent out a batch of emails about this. :a0 (And I get to start the second page :a0)

any download site is welcome to list our products there. We haven’t stopped anyone. Actually we encourage them to help their visitors get a good choice by including Comodo products on their site.


Isn’t there a fee?

dunno… is there?

I guess not.


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