Just for future reference... still has the same old version since November 2007, therefore, some users might download that old version of, with all the bugs in it that have been fixed from then to today.

It would be nice for each release, for Comodo to make sure each “released” version, goes on, Keep this as a low priority Comodo! Other download sites have the latest version!


Its always best to download a product from the right vender. If you want Comodo then download it from Comodo. If you want Avira download from Avira.

Hey Josh123,

Since you got a built-in updater, it’s not a huge problem and there’s no script (or manpower) to update the pages each time there’s a new minor version out. Also, it’s always better to get a “stable for sure” release ;).Thank you for your understanding.

just seen …118 on there - thought that was a bit late, but now it’s still out of date!


Yeah true…

I do understand… But you know… When major versions like 3.1, 3.2, etc come out… Be good to have them on there :slight_smile:

No its not a huge problem at all lol Just… I dunno FORGET IT! 88)

EDIT: Just found 3.0.19 on there… I will support it since 3.0.19 has connection issues! lol