Download bad?

I went here to download the latest version:

Each of the versions says that the size should be:

Size: 58 MB (60,595,656 bytes)

BUT when I downloaded, I got this file:


with a SIZE of 31,465KB!

Seems to be a problem. Or is this some kind of partial installer with the rest downloaded during the install? If so, then that is no good for me because I turn off my net connection when installing a firewall update.

So where is the full release?

SO no help from anyone on this?

The web site is apparently not updated to show the proper installer size.

Will move this to the website/forum issues board.

I don’t think the issue is SHOWING the wrong size.

The web link has all 3 downloads as supposed to be 58MB.

But when I downloaded BOTH the basic firewall and firewall+internet security, the downloaded size was 31MB.

Since the prior release of firewall+internet security was 51MB, they appear to have seeded the webpage with the wrong files.

I recall reading that they’ve repacked the installers, so the download size is smaller. So yes, the web page is showing the wrong size.

Have you tried installing the smaller version? I’d bet you’ll find it’s all there.

I don’t feel like being a guinea pig when it comes to the firewall.

What happens if I try the install and it only half completes? Your idea that they could compress 20MB out of download (compared to the last download of 51MB) seems a bit of a stretch to me.

I’m still waiting for Comodo’s “■■■■■” support team to address this issue from the email I sent them. Usually when they don’t answer, they don’t know the answer either.

You seriously don’t think that there wouldn’t be a huge outcry if the installers were incomplete? 88)

OK, I tried it for you…

Not only did they shave 20+MB off the previous installer, but they’ve also added another application to the installer! Now you are given the choice to install GeekBuddy as well as CIS. (The full CIS suite of course…)

OK, I will try it then (after I take an image backup).

Would still be interested as to how they reduced the size that much.

I played with this and it appears that Comodo intends to do some sort of live download into C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo Downloader\ to get the full install (which is 123MB).

They did not do some sort of magical compression.

A live download install is unacceptable to me. I chose to exit and not complete the install, which wouldn’t have worked anyway since I unplug my router during Comodo upgrades because there is a period of time when Comodo leaves you wide open and unprotected during the upgrade/reinstall.

If there isn’t a way to get a full install file from Comodo, then I will have to look at other firewall alternatives.

The 123 MB download from the web you are seeing is the av definitions file. When you are not connected to the web during the installation it will be downloaded after the reboot as soon it starts checking for av updates.

There is an extra reason to be connected to the web when installing. When installing the installer will do a cloud look up as part of the scanning for active files to see if they are safe or not.

When I do a clean install of CIS I always enable the Windows Firewall. That works without glitches. You will have to manually disable Windows Firewall after the installation though. The upcoming v5.1 will disable the Windows Firewall though.

The 30MB installer is the full file…

As Eric mentions, what you are seeing is the virus definitions database downloading. Every version of CIS has done this since shortly after the AV was introduced.

Initially, the database was included in the installer, but people were complaining about the huge installer. Then they separated out the database and it is downloaded after installation. Admittedly the database is quite large, but this is also the way most other AV’s deal with the database.

But I had unchecked the AV and Geek Buddy options. Shouldn’t doing that have changed the size shown (to zero)?

All I want from Comodo is the firewall and defense+.

And I don’t enable update check because I don’t like the Comodo auto update process.

If you disabled the av and Geek Buddy I can only assume the unpacking of the installer creates 123 MB worth of data.

The unpacking of the installer is presented as a download type of dialogue. I think you confused that for a download from the internet.

I just installed the firewall and D+ only, and nothing further was downloaded. It did however want to scan running applications in the cloud.