download and reinstall? [Resolved]


I’ve used comodo firewall for some time now, but after a harddrive crash I want to reinstall it.
Since I’ve already registered and got my activation code for my first install, how do I do to download comodo and reinstall it?



Or check the BETA-section for the latest beta version.

You can download it here.

You are doing a new install on a new HD, so…
Your activation code might have expired.
You can try it, or get a new one.
It’s free… :wink:
If you just would reinstall, your code would still be in your computer.

Comodo is working on a new method to activate their products (auto during install) without the need for getting an activation code.

Bluesman beat me to it… :slight_smile:

Ok. downloading it right now.

Thanks for your fast replies!

Ok. Installed and the activation code worked fine.
Comodo user again!

Thanks again.

Great! ;D
I will lock this topic and put resolved in the topic name.