Down again?

Your system appears to have gone down twice in the last two days. In typical fashion, there is no communication from your end. I realise you find it challenging to be professional and I also believe we have reached the point whee your product is no longer fit for it’s purpose so can we get a refund so that we can put our clients onto a product that actually works?

It’s about time you take responsibility and admit you are unable to deliver a workable solution. It is ok to admit failure and walk away as friends. It is not ok to keep stringing businesses along, costing them substantial money and reputation because of your ego.

Probably a little strong from our perspective. 8)
Over the weekend, I got email from the delivery queue alert system and saw that there were “zombies” in the queue. Contacted support and got a reply that they were working on it. No “real” mail was delayed (verified this via test messages). Tuesday, got the alert again and mail seemed to be moving but with delays, again reported to support and got a reply. Delay/outage seemed pretty short here. Perhaps we are on a different server. First hiccup I have seen in quite a while. Client didn’t know there was a delay until I texted them. I am not sure support monitors these forums, I always email them with questions or alerts, they seem responsive to me. Perhaps there should be a site page where they post status.
I see “degraded” status posted to our Office 365 Exchange account from time to time, mostly don’t notice much degradation though. Clients will occasionally complain that mail comes in spurts, logs and archives show the delay at Microsoft but it has not been significant enough to make a fuss.