DoS attack - Firewall

Hello, I’m running a service and this program is marked as trusted on Comodo, Firewall is active and running. Thing is, there is a guy flooding on this service, the software needs to handle his requests all the time and it makes the performance lower.

Is there a way to use Comodo in order to automatically block only the spams/floods requests so the service wont get affected?


If you know the IP addresses being used in the ‘flood’ you could potentially block them with a Global rule. Beyond that, there’s not a great deal you can do. CIS no longer provides an easy mechanism for altering the built-in ‘flood’ protection settings and I’d advise against making changes to the existing settings in the registry, unless you have a very good knowledge of what each does. Windows 7 also has ‘flood’ protection as part of the TCP/IP stack.

If you are hosting a server/services for external use, I’d strongly advise acquiring a router that has additional ‘flood’ protection capabilities. If you have a router with inadequate protection, you may find you can upgrade the firmware to something more appropriate.

People can change their IP within 3 seconds, is there a way to send to Comodo this IP from the service I’m running or write that to a list/file inside Comodo’s folder automatically?


Unfortunately, not that I’m aware of.