DONT you even beta test this before sending it out as a final product ?.

(:AGY) i have the newest comodo firewall.

i went to that shields up site and it seems to be working , even though it flunked the ping thing.
so far no probs,that is not yet.

you need to fix the logging ,i like to view my logs to see what it blocks, logging is enabled ,never shows anything ,and yes it opens up and no i still dont see anything if i click on “more”.

you did not beta test this long enough,i hope the update every one is saying that is coming up this week works out for every one,

now when it does should we un-install the soon to be old comodo v3 before we install this updated one?,i here there is a bug in its un-install too., (:SAD) god i hope u fix that too.

If you did take part in beta testings, then we would have caught your issue at the beta stage!! (:NRD)

but worry not, we will have a release next week that will address the issues…

thanks for being part of the Comodo family :slight_smile:


Does next week mean during the week or on monday? (:NRD):D.

that i don’t know until i meet the dev guys in person and discuss it…