dont limit "context menu scan" by settings for "manual scan"

limitations for scanning of objects dont make sense, when the user wants to scan a specific file by clicking in its context menu “scan file with comodo antivirus”.
the user doesnt want to safe time or performance in this moment. he wants to scan a file.

as the default is at the moment, any file larger than 40mb will not be scanned by manual scan, and it will not be scanned ALSO by context menu scan.
the user cant scan those files, as long as he doesnt increases the setting for manual scan too.

a virus writer just needs to write a virus into 41mb files, and comodo antivirus will not scan it, EVEN if the user tries to scan that file with default setting and context menu scan.
and the user is not assuming, that the context menu scan is limited anyway, because that doesnt make sense.


What do you want ? To increase the limit to more than 40 MB in defaults? or have a different tab for context menu scans?

(By the way, I have samples that are even 100 MB in size, but we do not expect it in common. If such a high limit is set as default, it will eat RAM and CPU time unnecessarily for all users all the time.)

if you would read my headline, you could easily answer the question yourself :slight_smile: .
and context menu scan doesnt need a setting tab, it should just scan what the user decides!

  1. tell me ONE benefit of a limited context menu scan.
  2. and now count the dangers which a “limitation born by mixing” can bring to the user.

with this statement you allready noticed yourself, that its (at least) not smart to have one setting for two different functions. (a selective file scan, and a general scan).

this is an antivirus which tries to tell us, its normal to not scan any file larger than 40mb, whatever scan you choose!
its as if users would complain: “i tried intentionally to scan a 1gb file with context menu scan… and guess what happens? IT SCANNED THAT FILE AND IT TOOK A WHILE! protect me from scanning files!”