Dome Shield 80 white/blacklist domains limit + no data available.

Im using Dome Shield for dns filtering etc.

Also, Dome Shield logs data is visible for 7 days (for the user) but the last 7 days dont have any data.
No Data Available.

I have “stumbled” on the 80 white/blacklist domains limit, so i cant add any more to my custom list.
is there any way to increase this limit?

the webpage says: Custom block/allow lists: unlimited

but Dome Shield tells me that i cant add more then 80.

hi bluetesta,

the limit of the black/whitelist will be removed with following release.

Per the Reporting question, do you mean even you have data in last 7 days, it doesn’t display ?

Thanks. :-TU

At the time my post was posted, the log was missing
but the log reappeared 1-2 days later like normal.

Edit1: i will tell you if it happends again.

//typing from phone