Dome Firewall webpage ui, feedback etc

Feedback 1

The website offer you to download Dome Firewall Free or buy Dome Firewall Free (for more Features)

Dome Firewall Free (the paid version) should have it name changed to Dome Firewall Paid/Pro

Feedback 2

compare it yourself!

Note: the top download button takes you to

the bottom download takes you to

Also, Central Manager is in bold etc. (pic)

Feedback 3

The download button will redirectt you to
Dome Firewall (VM) (FREE, Unlimited)

but if you already have registered, where do you download the file?

Is there a none Virtual machine Dome Firewall? and where do you download it.

Not being too picky I hope - but someone needs to run a spell (and grammar) check on that page!

Any chance that COMODO Secure DNS / Dome Shield will support DNS over TLS in the future?

COMODO Secure DNS / Dome Shield relies on DNSCrypt service for now but we are aware that “DNS over TLS” is a hot topic that is receiving lots of attention.

DNSCrypt provides a significant security advantage which makes us stick with it for now. However, “DNS over TLS” might be among our plans in the future as it has its own advantages.

Thanks for pointing these out, it is not being too picky, it’s being helpful, really.
The page is checked and will be checked continously for such issues.

Thanks for pointing these out, the misleading links will be updated immediately.

Thanks :slight_smile: fingers crossed, i will stick with quad9 and cloudflare for now with my pfsense box.

Thanks, now both the Download Now and Buy Now takes you to the correct webpages :-TU

Note: the 2 top Try for Free buttons take you to 2 seperete web pages.
First one: 30 days Free Trial With Full Features
2nd one: Dome Firewall (VM) (FREE, Unlimited)

Try for free sound like its Trial version of Full Protection Firewall
the first black button could be removed.

these buttons should be changed from:
[Try for Free] [Compare]

[Free Firewall] [Full Protection Firewall] [Full Protection Firewall 30 days Free Trial]

Cant still download the file, tried to enter customer details from

but nothing happends.

Hi BlueTesta,

Detailed insights as usual. However, it is normal for those 2 buttons to redirect seperate links as “TRY IT FOR FREE” is for Comodo Dome altogether and “TRY FOR FREE” in Firewall page is for Firewall Free alone. The button for Firewall can be updated as “TRY FIREWALL FOR FREE”, though, to avoid misleading.

We do provide a trial license for Full Protection Firewall via “TRY IT FOR FREE” button at the top-right, which comes along with any and all other components if the user selects so.

Did try it myself and had no issues downloading. Logged in with a new user and as soon as I logged in from Shopping Cart

and then, was presented with download links. Could you please check this again?

It worked once when i was a new user a long time ago,
Tried Firefox, Comodo Dragon and Edge to login at the webpage and it just reloaded itself.