doesnt work

i signed up to try it. when i login to loginpro i get an error popup see screenshot
if i click on reload nothing happens if i click on download loginpro viwer i get another i get a webpage error 404 not found


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Looks like something is wrong with the servers as there is another report:

Now installer installs both Viewer and Remote parts so browsers’ plugins are also installed.
404 issue will be fixed asap and it doesn’t influence the LoginPro functionality.

Please use Download link for getting the installer:

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i was able to install it on a pc however when i use another pc and want to control it i attempt to install axtivex control and windows blocks it. i do not want to install the full loginpro on the computer i use to control it

i think ill wait until loginpro works better
if/when that happens

logmein works much better for me

i really wish this would work. i keep coming back and trying it after every new version. unfortunately its more of the same. it still does not work. i install it on a pc (my work pc) it installs fine and logs in fine. when i use my home pc to access my work pc it tells me i need to install the browser extension. when i go to download the “browser extension” it wants to download the full loginpro software (comodologinprosetup.exe) which is 10.5mb. in my book thats not a browser extension.

I wish you luck with this … I have given up on loginpro…

for me logmein just works and uses a true browser extension. not a 10.5mb full blown software install to control a pc