Doesn't seem to like Office 365 / 16

I’ve never done a full scan with CCAV, as I’m also running CIS 10 on my system which did a full one when installed (Win10 64 Ver 1607Build 14393.1066)
CCAV 1.10.413855.478

I’ve tried the scan 3 times now and each time it reaches 7% at the Microsoft Office root folder in Program Files (x86)and stops dead. The red At Risk and Fix it warnings come on, even though the Antivirus and Sandbox are still showing green

If I stop the scan then, CCAV tries to fix the error, does a repair and then asks for reboot. If I try to uninstall and fix any errors, it does the same, but still comes to the same stop at the same folder on the next scan attempt

If I scan the folder alone; all is well and completes just fine!

Apart from that glitch, everything works as intended

Any ideas?