doesn't seem to be working propperly

using it to play some old games. both running winXP home

it sets up fine. although it is a bit stupid how you get warnings about unnaproved software from microsoft. we both created gaming network and are members of it. we can chat.

when we start the game or later in one case the programme crashes in other nothing happens (it doesn’t connect propperly to the game - nothing shows up in the game loby). eventhoguh one user had the programme crash it is still showing them as connected/available. eventhough they are not.

do any specific ports need to be opened? we have the ones needed for game. and we did use logmein hamachi before but it seems it is having a connection trouble (conneciton dropped oftenly) so we decided to try comodo instead.

does it need to be installed in specific folder?

use evovle vpn instead of cu. as it’s not supported anyway ;/

forsome older games ipx protocol needs to be used.

post here as much as you can and i’ll see what’s going on.

i will try evolve. basically we tried settlers 3 over lan and when he started the game or tried to connect the cunite crashed. only on his mashicne. i have single core and it didn’t crash.

it’s more likely windows issue rather than cu ( unless he’s using cu on win 8 )

both are XP home.

evolve seems to work up to a point. it is very very slow. and quite big. too many features! not to mention you don’t get static ip unless you pay extra.

as far i know ip stays for few days. and now it’s best vpn based solution for gamers.