Doesn't Comodo Firewall Pro obviate many features in CAVS?

CAVS has its AV-SMART (Anti-Virus, Spyware, Adware, Rootkit, Trojan) technology. Yet most of these features seem covered by using both Comodo Firewall Pro and BOClean. The key AV-SMART features are:

Defense+: Already in CFP v3.

Whitelist database: I thought CFP v3 had this for both Network+ and Defense+.

CleanPC Mode: I prefer Safe Mode since CleanPC Mode means any malware on the host is allowed to load, execute, and connect (and, no, you’ll never be sure your host is absolutely clean at the time you install CFP or CAVS).

Advanced firewall engine: That’s what CFP v3 is all about.

So for users of Comodo Firewall Pro, what does CAVS bring to the table? It seems all that is left is the signature detection to find existing pests (i.e., those that made it onto your host). Yet for just that protection level, CAVS falls behind other free AV products for coverage, like Avira and Avast.

So if a user already has CFP v3, and especially with the inclusion of BOClean, much of CAVS seems to already be included leaving only behind the late detect phase which other AV products do better. As Melih says in

[i]I believe there are 3 levels in offering security

  1. prevention
  2. detection
  3. cure[/i]

It seems CFP v3 includes the same features as CAVS 2 for performing #1 (with the distinction that CFP v3 isn’t designated as a beta version which has beleagured CAVS during its entire existence). That leaves phases #2 and #3 in CAVS that aren’t covered by CFP v3. From other comparatives, it seems like Avira and Avast are better at #2 than is CAVS. For #3, I don’t know how CAVS would compare against Avira or Avast; however, I do full and incremental image backups every day using Acronis TrueImage v11 so if the file cannot be repaired then I’ll extract a copy of the file from the backup images to retest how far back I have to go to get an non-infected copy. Also, Avast has its VRDB (database) to help assist in removing/rebuilding an infected file.

So it seems that:

Comodo Firewall Pro v3
Comodo Memory Firewall

is a better security suite than:

Comodo Firewall Pro v3
Comodo Memory Firewall
Comodo AVS

I show BOClean as optional in the second configuration since I don’t know if CAVS tries to obviate the need for BOClean (everytime I check on BOClean, there still seems a good need to keep using it). It seems much of the glitz of the prevention phase in CAVS is lost to CFP v3 leaving the remainder of CAVS that does not compare favorably against other AV products for the detection-only phase of protection. If just using CAVS than it might fare better than the other AV products, but if you are going to include Comodo Firewall Pro as a minimum requirement in your security suite then it seems CAVS may not be the best choice for the #2 detection phase mentioned by Melih.

The AV smart Technology is in the form of heuristics in Defense+ So Defense+ Is not relying on detection per say, More on the prevention. CAVS3 is the detection and comodo is developing a program similiar to sandboxie and DiskShield is in BETA- They will be the cure. (Sandboxie, Application level - Disk Shield, Disk level)

CAVS3 is just a baby right now so ofcourse AVIRA and avast! would have better detection.
I do see what you mean though with the AV Tech in D+ and having CAVS3. I’m guessing that they will be intergrated into a single component? I have no idea.

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