Doesn't ask rights for msi-installers

With TortoiseSVN- I installed the latest stable version of TortoiseSVN client but CFP didn’t ask any rights. The installer just removed the old installation and installed the newer build and CFP didn’t do anything.
Shouldn’t CFP ask rights for msi-installers like for exe-files cos msi-files are now pretty common?

UPDATE: I just tried Opera’s msi-installer and CFP doesn’t ask it’s rights also.


If these are on CFP safelist, then you would not have got an alert as they are safe files. Also, if CFP was set to installation mode defence + alerts would have been suppressed temporarliy until CFP was switched back to previous mode. Any new files introduced to the system should be listed under the ‘my pending files’ section of the firewall.



By default, Defense+ only alerts you if exe’s tries to run, and therefore doesn’t ask about any rights for other file extensions.
Still, you should get an alert if anything tries to modify the items in My Protected Files, which you didn’t, since the exe’s from the old installation was just deleted.


How could I modify so that msi-installers would also ask the rights cos I haven’t changed almost any settings from the default values?
Mike6688: I didn’t have a installer-mode on when I used it.

Open CFP and go to Defense+AdvancedImage Execution Control Settings.
In the newly opened windows, click Files to check. Now click AddBrowse…, and write *.msi, then click the +, and then Apply :wink:

I added it but still it won’t ask rights.
I just uninstalled VMWare and CFP didn’t do nothing else then say that it gave rights for msiexec.exe to start.

I just installed UltraMon that is also a msi-installer and still CFP won’t ask any rights although I added msi to the list as it previously advised.