Does Unite Support Access To Local Web Server

I have an Apache Tomcat web server running on a laptop in my home office. A few of my friends require access to the web site, but can’t get there with standard Windows web security. I am wondering if Unite could solve this problem.

If Unite is what I need, then I’m not clear on how to set up the network to support VPN. It looks too simple. It appears to me the I need to create an account on the Web Server machine, then have the remote clients connect to that account / user. It that all I need to do?

they need to have acces to server, based on vpn network ? i’m getting it right ?

Right, my friends need to log in to a web server that is installed on a laptop on my home LAN. I’m a bit of a networking newbie, so I’m not sure of the proper terminology here. They also need to connect to a file manager for another application on the same server. They can specify either an IP address or the name of the server. But, it doesn’t work with basic Windows networking.

They are sometimes able to get to my web server by using my external IP address, but that normally doesn’t work. The product vendor says that I need a VPN connection to get to the server.

I’m hoping that Unite can allow these connections. My next alternative appears to be a VPN router. That option appears to be very difficult for someone with my lack of networking knowledge and experience.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

ok. does your server can be configured to use other ip than yours external ? for this example ip adress that comes with comodo unite ?

file manager ? can i ask what file manager are we talking here ?