Does this look better?

Do you Guys like these pictures over the current ones?

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No offense.
But why the hell would you want a password to boot into windows!?!!? You pressed On for a reason :stuck_out_tongue: Passwords are for users - Not for booting the pc up lol

I like pic 2 - I think it’s hard to have a high detailed GUI during boot up since alot of things aren’t loaded yet so that might be a reason comodo hasn’t done this yet.

That is comming as a option soon.

Im just using this in the picture. If you laptop is stollen… i would like this + encryption.

Comodo Disk Encryption? Actually not! Tks!

I want Time machine to do 1 thing, Not everything :cry:

No. no no… Only the password thing is comming (Optinal)… not CTM encrytion … it was just a example of what i would want on a laptop.

I don’t like black color because it is depressing,red color is nice.