Does the exit option turn off Comodo---for troubleshooting [Resolved]

Its been my experience with firewalls that when something is not working as expected, the first knee ■■■■ reaction is to blame the firewall. I also note that right clicking the comodo icon on the windows XP taskbar, shows an option to exit the firewall. The question is does the exit function TOTALLY shut down the comodo firewall or not?

While one does feel rather naked on the internet without a firewall, shutting down the firewall does give a rather definitive blocking answer when the firewall is shut down for a very short period. IF the
given thing you are calling for is blocked–and not working when the computer is calling for it—and the firewall is on at the time—and when the firewall is shut down–the exact same action results in what you are calling for suddenly starting up as expected—its a pretty definitive diagnosis—its the firewall—for what ever reason that is doing the blocking—and then you know what tree to bark up—and can play with firewall settings to get the desired action approved by comodo. And if exiting the firewall does nothing to get what you want working—its only slightly less definitive—and you know that something other than the firewall is blocking what you are calling for.—and even if you fix that something else—the firewall may also be blocking it.

But that logic only works if EXIT TOTALLY SHUTS DOWN COMODO—and if any part of comodo stays active when exit comodo is called—the logic no longer works. I note that I found something on the subject five pages back on this sub forum page—but it did not directly answer that question.

Yes, I think it does. I believe CFP switches the Security Level to “Allow All” before exiting the GUI. CFPs Service & Drivers remain loaded, but are not active because of the “Allow All” setting.

For troubleshooting (trying to determine if CFP is causing some sort of problem), I suggest setting the Security Level to “Allow All” yourself & leave the GUI running. This way, at least, you can quickly turn CFP back on (Security Level “Custom”). In addition, you should always check CFPs Log (Activity tab) first anyway… if CFP is blocking something, then it usually creates a Log entry.

Thank you kail for the prompt reply.