Does The COMODO firewall protect from....

Links that may try to keylogg you?

Programs from links that would try to download?

also on an unrelated note would NoScript for FireFox Be good enough to help defend against getting a virus from a web?

Also can a 404’d link still give you a virus?

BY the way i heard that some issues are happening with COMODO’s “AV”

Would AV= Antivirus

cuz i got CIS 4.0.138377.779

would my Antivirus part be considered “Issues with it”? or what is the AV issues reffering to?

noscript avoids scripts to be loaded.
comodo is no webfilter! its a firewall.
if you want to be more protected from automatic downloaded and activated virus, you should use the browser inside a real sandbox (like sandboxIE). comodos sandbox is a light weight sandbox, with missing of some layers of protection sometimes.

you should be always careful with downloading. an antivirus is not perfect, so if you force your luck, one day soemthing may slip through it.

every link can give you a virus. but if you are paranoid, dont use the internet. i dont know why you think, that especially 404 would give a virus.

use the actual official version of comodo. not the beta, then you are fine.

Please, elaborate. I’m trying to understand Comodo sandbox and compare with other ones.

Okay so you got any recommendations for a sandbox and protector against links automatically downloading to my computer…

Also did you say a 404d link can’t give you a virus still? Cuz that bit confused me

no, i just wondered why especially a 404 would give you a virus. i am carefull always on the internet. i dont care what page appears.

you dont have to click on any links that you can click. i click for years on links, and never clicked one with a virus behind it. so i think, usually it depends on your decision.
there are many paid products with webfilters, link protection and whatever. but 99,99999% they do this to get money, and the rest does protect you. keep in mind, that each link will be scanned before you use it… what a waste of traffic, energy, and click producing. links that you never would press.

i think, defense+ is protecting you from the most “autorunning” things. i dont see a need for a webfilter. and btw, these filters are not perfect too. maybe you can try WOT (web of trust) plugin for firefox. but, what for?

generally, i use firefox sandboxed by sandboxIE. after i close firefox, everything is like before. i just made exceptions for bookmarks. even settings would be reversed after closing. firefox is only running without sandboxie, when i want to update or make settings in it.

comodo sandbox is not erasing everything after using, and sometimes something could install itself on the pc (rogue-antivirus experiences here in forum, for example). its a part of a security suite, and default running, so it cant act like a real sandbox without causing trouble. balance between useabillity and protection.
while sandboxIE is a standalone sandbox, targeted to erase all changes, erase all what happened inside.

oh sweet thanks man

i hope it’s free =D

and will this affect my experience with the internet can i still use browser based games?

your internet experience will be more normal than with any other solution in my eyes.

just keep in mind: it erases everything… like gamesaves, if they are stored on your pc from a sandboxed game.

if you for example open a folder sandboxed with sandboxie, everything that is started out of this folder will be sandboxed too.
go through the settings! (so you can set that you can put downloaded things with a press of a button on the real desktop, that things get erased!! (or the sandbox is growing!), that you have a color around sandboxed things, that you reduce rights for programs running inside it ect).

sandboxie is free (otherwise i wouldnt speak for it), but you can buy it if you see, it has the value for you. you get a single feature more. in free version, only firefox has its own icon for been started sandboxed. everything else must be started with right click, run in sandbox.

after 30 days, if you start something after hours, sometimes a window appears for 5 seconds, to tell you, its free, but if you want, buy it. and then for hours you dont see it again…
it only appears when the box is filled again, after hours. not just after hours!

DONT TEST YOUR LUCK with trying malware inside a sandbox. and be sure that you understand what it does. go through each setting!

Cool man this thing rocks! i love it, thanks alot :slight_smile:

in combination with comodo firewall and defense+, this program is an additional layer of security.
dont forget to use a good antivirus program.
dont run malware intentionally.