Does scanning my PC with ComboFix or similar tools....

somehow interfer with the Comodo Firewall?

I man, will there be any conflict, will such tools disable the firewall or change its settings?
Some of such tools are even said to be run in PC’s “Safe mode” so I’m just making sure if running such a tool (that scans the system “Deep” for trojans, malware or rootkits) will somehow have any effect on the firewall ?

thank you

To my knowledge, Combofix will run just fine with CFP v3

I’ll presume that you have read the Combofix tutorial
and realize that Combofix is not a general purpose tool. It is continually developed, based on the experience of various malware cleanup experts and what they experience on the job. The Combofix that you might download today, is not the same program that you would have downloaded last week, and is not going to be the same as the one you would get next week. It is strongly recommended to be used only with guidance, and only as directed.

That said, I’ll say this also. I’m not an expert with Combofix. I’ve seen it used. It is extremely capable in the right hands and the proper guidance. I have a tremendous amount of respect for it, and the effort that goes into it. Misuse it, and the only chance for recovery you’re likely to have, is a from-scratch reinstall.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, Im no expert for sure, but I had run combofix in the past guided by an expert.

I also did run SDfix and I wanted to run it again now (but I thought its not so popular as Combofix so I didnt mention it in the title… but maybe im wrong :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )

as said above, I run sdfix few weeks ago so I’m assume my system is still totally safe/clean but I was just wondering if running it again will have any negative effect now because I have the Comodo firewall…

The specialized cleanup tools can be reassuring to have around. But they’re effective only if malware somehow gets into your machine, and it’s some variant of malware that is recognized by that version of the cleanup tools. SDFix hasn’t changed so much, but Combofix changes constantly, and so by it’s nature, gets used a lot even though each use is almost a unique program to the malware of that moment.

So, it’s best not to let the malware get in to the machine in the first place. The standard defenses of antivirus packages, spyware scans, and such, help if things can be caught on the way in. Limited user accounts are an excellent defense, so are NTFS file permissions. In that same line of prevention, the Defense+ capabilities in CFP do a very good job of keeping the malware out. The default settings in Defense+ are quite good, but it is possible to really lock down a machine by changing to more customized settings. Those settings depend a lot on how you use your machine, and just how far you want to lock things down.