Does not recognize my e-mail

Was going to take a look at hopsurf but at step 3 of the account setup it claims my e-mail appears invalid and I cannot proceed.

I have tried with IE and Dragon and two different e-mails, no go. Would like to try HS but ???

Hi jmagnus,

I’m so sorry you have the problem within registration.
Would you please provide us more information as for email address you tried, Operating System, error/warning message.


I have tried hopsurf on both of my computers; an HP laptop and a Dell PC. Both are running WIN7 64 bit and CIS is installed on both. I have tried multiple e-mails (,, with IE8 and Comodo Dragon. After completing the step 3 screen on the hopsurf site I am returned to the beginning of the signup process (step 1) and the message “Your e-mail address appears to be invalid” at the top of the screen.