Does it work?

Hi Folks,
I’ve been testing Comodo Antispam for a few month now and ends up with a few questions and experiences.
First, the most important issue; does it work? Or, how does it work?
I’ve experienced that the amount of spam keep on the same level as for 2 month of ago. The only difference is that I have to disable the spam through the desktop app. instead of downloading the message and filter them through the Thunderbird filter. Should it work this way?

Second, I’ve experienced a very long delay before the message are available in my inbox after the message has been tagged as allowed in Comodo Antispam. Anyone who knows why?

One other important issues;

  • Comodo sends an information email to all of my contacts. It’s not possible to disable this feature. I understand the marketing issue - but, most of my contacts find this message suspicious! (I’m not able to import my contacts due to lack of import feature for Thunderbird).

Thanks for any comments.

I was not able to get it to work with Thunderbird (there is no such option) so I stopped using Comodo Antispam. I still use Frontgate and the TB antispam facility (such as it is).

The authentication requests to unknown senders is a contentious issue (as evidenced in the forum) and should be at least configurable. To my mind it is simply adding to internet traffic and most people who receive one will not bother to reply and one will most likely not get any reply from company issued mail.

No good answers. No good experience. Sorry, but I’m out…