Does IE6 Advanced Settings Affect Internet Speed?

I just had to vent a little. After talking to my ISP’s tech department for a while, we almost went through the entire process of figuring out why my ADSL downloads speeds are so slow (960 Mbps) compared to what they were before (1.4 Mbps) again like I did yesterday. It escalated to a senior tech and then they sent a tech to my place today (while I wasn’t there but other people took care of that) and the tech re-arranged my modem and filters around a bit. It helped recovered my downloads a bit, but now my uploads are cut by almost half! (:AGY). I basically stopped the conversation when this tech today said to reset by Internet Explorer Advanced settings. I asked, “how does Internet Explorer settings affecting internet speed when I don’t even use it?”. I use Opera, but that also doesn’t matter because my uTorrent downloads along with several other speed testing sites showed the same numbers. I know every tech rep goes through a troubleshooting flow according to their policies & procedures, but come on!

To me it’s obvious that it’s not a software issue because one night my downloads were normal, the next day they weren’t. It has to be hardware related, but they tech who was physically changing my setup reported my line was fine. Funny, because the tech and his senior yesterday found out that it was weak. Go figure. To top it off, I re-confirmed with them that my plan should get me 2.5-3 Mbps, which I’ve never even reach that close in all my years with them. I’m thinking of switching to cable once my contract is up. The only drawback is that this current ISP is the cheapest with unlimited access in my area for "high"speed broadband.

Hi, I know this post doesn’t answer your question but IMO what browser you use should not affect the internet speed.With adsl I believe it’s how far you’re away from the isp’s service building affects your speed.I live really close to my isp service building for my area and I almost always exceed the speed that I pay for,(6mb ).I did a speed test at using IE7 and the Flock browser to compare results.

With IE7

Last Result: Download Speed: 6412 kbps (801.5 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 434 kbps (54.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

With Flock

Last Result: Download Speed: 6523 kbps (815.4 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 394 kbps (49.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

Not that much difference.

Hehehe. I know a browser’s setting doesn’t affect speed; it was more of a sarcastic question and was raised due to the level of knowledge of my ISP’s techs. They obviously assumed I used IE when I told them my OS is XP (don’t you just love these acronymns :P). It became ridiculous when they continued to instruct me on how to reset IE settings after I clearly stated that I used Opera.

Distance from the Central Office does indeed affect DSL speed. Those last techs I spoke with didn’t even mention that - I had to myself, but they still wouldn’t comment on that. I think the closest CO is 100 km from where I live! If that’s the sole reason I can live with that. I mean, I’ve never reached half of the advertised speeds all these years with them, but to suddenly get a speed decrease the next day is just frustrating without any explanation.