Does exist a test program for Comodo Memory Guardian? [Resolved]

Does exist a test program for Comodo Memory Guardian?


It’s included with the installation! Shortcut from start menu folder.




But the answer of the question “Do you want to block this application?” is “allow” or “kill”?


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what that means is: CMG has caught an application trying to do a BO and asking you a question whether you want to continue or kill that application. In theory there isn’t an application that should do that, hence the answer should be to kill.

How about making something green around the kill button, and red around the allow button? Also, having the kill button marked, as default? To encourage the user to kill the attack, independent if it’s harmful or not. What do you think?


How about “yes” and “no”?


Mmm, for me the test just opens a DOS prompt :


Greetz, Red

Rednose, is the CMG traybar icon(cmg.exe) and the CMG service(cmgs32.exe) running?
Because it will open a cmd.exe if you fail the test.


Yes, that’s happens probably due to bug with autostart registry entries (I forgot the quotes :frowning: actually it’s due to installer not the product itself) Do you have cmg icon in system tray ?

P.S. Sorry I can’t answer questions faster, I’m on my honeymoon in Thailand :slight_smile:

CMG traybar icon (cmg.exe) is running, but not the CMG service (cmgs32.exe).

Update : I shut down CMG and deinstalled it. Cleaned up the registery keys left with CCleaner, rebooted and installed CMG again. Now it is working fine :slight_smile:

Thnx guys :slight_smile: Greetz, Red.

hmm, probably something stoped cmg service frm start. Did you have any error messages during intsallation process ?

IMO, you shouldn’t be answering any of these questions in that case! Just lookin’ for trouble, and not enjoyin’ the time at hand…


No error messages. Only the first time I installed CMG I installed it in the default map :

C:\Program Files\Comodo Memory Guardian

… but than it wouldn’t start up at all. So I deinstalled it ( but did’t clean up the registery keys left, or rebooted ) and installed it in the map :

C:\Program Files\Comodo\Comodo Memory Guardian

I did the test protection and only got the DOS prompt. And the rest of the story you know already :wink:

But now it is working, so I am happy :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.


So this program is used in only the prevention of buffer exploits ? Not as a sort of memory manager also , like one of those speed boosters ?

That is correct.


Oh I see… well seeing as buffer exploits are bad I guess I shoud keep it activated heh…

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speed boosters actually slow down your PC :-))) especially “RAM Optimizer” ones :-)))

BTW i didn’t manage to get any alert with slipfest test

PS oops just realized i posted in closed thread…

Only thing that works is old good overclocking :Beer

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