Does Encryption work easily in AOL emails ?

Here for the very first time, and not yet downloaded Comodo or any other type of email encryption anything. Have not yet tried to use Digital IDs or to encrypt any email, but thinking about it.

Here’s my situation and question:

My personal email is [myname], and so far I have been using Outlook Express 6 to receive and send emails. My wife’s email is [hername], and she reads and sends emails INSIDE the whole big aol experience on her computer. (She turns AOL on by clicking the AOL icon in the Quick Launch or tray sections of her Taskbar, and emails are a subwindow of the whole AOL circus.) We both have WinXPPro SP3 with 2GB RAM for me and 4GB RAM for my wife.

So, if I download the free Comodo email encryption program for both our computers, will it be easy to use for emails between us, and will it leave emails to and from other people alone? My wife will not want to take three steps to send or open an email when now one step will do. So, between us only, would the Comodo free app automatically encrypt and decrypt our emails and painlessly turn off for emails to and from other people?

if I’m not asking the right questions, please teach me.


Bump - any thoughts, anyone?

See your other thread, where I touched upon this.

AOL presently does not support SMIME, so our product would not work. Your wife would need to use a real e-mail client.