Does Comodo work with Quickbooks?

Has anyone gotten a Comodo SSL certificate to work with Quickbooks Online? My hosting provider works with Comodo, I purchased the SSL Cert through them and requested the CSR to be created along the guidlines Quickbooks needs in order to work. My hosting provider support keep telling me they can’t create it that they get:

“Sorry, the “Host to make cert for” field must be a valid FQDN.”

Intuit specifies: The [Common Name] for the CSR should be in the form of:

So I gave the host this and some other instructions such as leaving the email blank and they keep telling me it won’t work. ( I am not sure if they are doing it correctly, so that is kind of annoying, but they seem to be competent in everything else ). So do I have to get another CERT from a different company or is there some way to make the Comodo CERT work?