Does Comodo stop keystroke loggers?

I am asking for a reason different than what you might think. I actually WANT to download a keystroke logger to track activity on my PC. I haven’t yet done so as I am still getting used to Comodo as my firewall (just installed last Friday).

So i guess a better question is “will I be able to run a keystroke logger with Comodo as my firewall”?

CPF should give you a popup, and ask you if you want to allow it or not, so if you press allow, it probably works.

Hi, be aware also that your antivirus may possibly detect a keylogger too which will have to be excluded from being scanned.

Beware their is no such thing a Legitimate keylogger.

(The only possibility for a legitimate keylogger is if it is open source, you looked at every line of code and you compiled it yourself).

cheers, rotty

Hey solo,

You should be aware of the fact that if you are going to use a keylogger in a commercial environment, then there may be privacy and legal implications, depending upon your local laws.

If you’re tracking your kids or significant other, you should be OK, but it wouldn’t hurt to check.

Regardless, NEVER (edit) knowingly (edit) allow a keylogger access to the internet.




Either that, or you could just send me your bank details now for safekeeping. :wink:

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Panic, if the keylogger uses a rootkit to hide it’s existance then it is very capable of hiding traffic from firewalls in general (Kernal level/TCP/IP stack).

Anything is possble if you install un-trusted programs under the adminstrator account, expecially if the program has a “.Sys” file.

cheers, rotty

True enough rotty. I’ve amended my previous post slightly to take this point into consideration.

Have you had a look at Ice Sword? V.V.V.V.V. good at finding things that don’t want to be found, :wink: even .SYS thingys. Worth a look!

Ewen :slight_smile:

I have seen on some security cleanup forums of people putting a “Legitamate” keylogger on a computer, forgetting it was their they or another person did some banking and they had their details sent to another email address that they did not know.

cheers, rotty

I heard about ice sword and boclean…
what do you think about them Ewen?


From what i have heard Ice Sword seems to work well, the only problem is allot of systems these days have Dual Core CPU’s and/Or Hyperthreading.

cheers, rotty

Just a note, disabling the hyperthreading worked for many. I think dual core and many issues will be worked out, if not already with the 1.8 beta and beyond. Let’s hope.



I dunno about boclean, but Ice Sword is the one that the rootkit makers are trying to defeat at the moment. When you go hunting for it, make sure you get the EN version, and it can be a bit hard to locate. Chinese one is a little bit harder to understand. :wink:

ewen :slight_smile:

They could go to the good free software thread. I think you posted the link in there and is where I got it as well. :wink:,1731.0.html