Does Comodo stop Java Exploits ?

I really need to use Java software everyday. i’m also interested in how they work what parts of your system they enter (temp files ??) etc.

Has there ever been any tests made public to show how effective any Comodo product is at stopping them or any user experience on them?

With these type of exploits what is the best tool that prevents them ? HIPS ?

Would you really need FULL virtualization to stop them, which the current working version of CIS doesnt have out of the box ??

Thanks for any help.

The current working version of CIS does have full virtualization.

The current releases have two sandboxing techniques. The automatic sandbox is an access-rights restriction type sandbox, similar to the Chrome web browser sandbox. The manual sandbox however, is a fully virtualized environment.

In my opinion, CIS will be just as effective at stopping Java exploits as any other product.

Right java doest not work in Comodo browser

and the same problem are in Chrome and Firefox

so it mis only Internet Exploerer which can run java so I can use net banking

what is wrong ???

Java does work in Chrome, Firefox and Comodo Dragon. But it is using Java plug-in for that. Check if it’s enabled in your case.

Check here:

The latest Java 7 update 10 has the option to choose how to handle Java applets in your browser. It even allows you to totally disable it.

Since Java is rarely needed on the web. The best thing to do is to disable Java in your browser from the Java Control Panel and only switch it on when going to your bank. Make sure to the security setting for Java to a high level. And of course; keep your Java updated.