Does Comodo Offer IP blocking from trojan on Bit Torrent?

example: I download a 250mb movie clip from the peers. During the download one of the peer attacks my IP using a trojan or a virus from his IP, will Comodo Firewall Pro show me the attacking IP and offer a BLOCK for the IP?


  • The version of Comodo Firewall Pro Installed - Version
  • Your Internet connection type (dial-up/cable/Direct connection/LAN etc) - DSL
  • Operating system and Service Pack Level - WinXP SP2
  • How you are logging in to the OS (Admin, User) - Admin
  • Other Security applications installed (AV, AS, HIPS etc) - Spybot latest update / Symantec Corp Ed. Antivirus latest update
  • Security related applications which have been removed/disabled before installing CFP. - none
  • Security related application which have been removed/disabled after installing CFP. - none
  • Detail the problem, such as which applications are running when you have the problem. - Bit Torrent via Bitcomet
  • Please inform us if you have created any custom rules - all at default