Does Comodo Internet Security no longer have a free version?

I’m a longtime user of Comodo Firewall and Antivirus products. The free version has never required a license key. After a recent reinstall, however, I’m seeing a message I’ve never seen before: “You need to activate your license to continue using the product”. The yellow exclamation mark in the system tray won’t go away unless a license key is entered.

Is there no longer a free version of the product? The EULA said the product was free for both personal and noncommercial use, so I don’t understand why I’m not given an option to use the free version. I don’t need the live support or whatever other features come with the non-free version of the product.

There’s still a free version, you just have to wait the 30 days and you’ll get the option to continue with free version. ! is annoying and the only changes o the website version is calling itself CIS Pro

The forum versions available here: Comodo Forum It’s not yet updated with the UI changes but still work fine.

So the warning message about needing to activate my license will persist for 30 days? If so I can live with it. Of course it would be ideal if they could tell people there was a free version, but I understand that companies want users to buy a license. I just wish the difference could be more clearly explained. For example, instead of warning users that we have to activate a license to continue using the product, I would instead display a message explaining the benefits of paying for a license (e.g. live support). Then users can make an informed decision.

Ageed and users have also expressed that and as far as I know the devs are aware of it. Hopefully there will be some changes soon.

Well, my trial period seems to have expired. But instead of giving me the option to stick with a free version, my firewall and antivirus have both been disabled. I thought it was supposed to convert to a free license instead. What’s going on?

Sorry intromission…
try link:

There should have been a pop-up like the attached were you get the link to continue with free version. I haven’t noticed any changes other than calling itself Pro so if your still not getting the option after a full reboot, probably advisable just to get 8012 from here: Comodo Forum

EDIT: I myself reverted to 8012 and still works fine. We’ve had confirmation from devs that CIS/CF is still being worked on but no ETA on any bug fix or release.

well, I just entered the ‘10 days warning period’ today and will see, what happens then…

I can live with the nagging and the need to closely look for a downgrade link, but if this really turns out to not provide a way to go on for free, I’d be a bit unhappy*, as my download came via Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security, which obviously claims to be the landing page for the premium version (but linking to – and the FAQ there is still telling us, CIS Premium is even free for business users …

I don’t generally mind to pay for software, but if I’m offered a freemium version, I consider the differences and personally I don’t need the pro benefits – if Comodo wants money for their services in any case these days, this would be a legitimate move, but it should be communicated clearly

PS: more over the ‘get license key’ link from the activation dialog (Shopping Cart) is not working – Dragon says that website was unreachable… :frowning:

Hi noluck999,

Sorry for the inconvenience, we are checking on this and we will update you.


PS: more over the 'get license key' link from the activation dialog ( is not working – Dragon says that website was unreachable... :-(
Hi noluck999,

It is fixed, kindly check and let us know your feedback.


For anyone who has my problem (Comodo first tells you to activate, then after a while completely shuts down if you don’t provide a license), I eventually determined that the version of Comodo I downloaded was a trial for the Pro version. I know of no way within the app itself to convert to the free version. In the past, I always downloaded Comodo from one of the pages search engines point to. For example, I might type in “Comodo Firewall”, then click the first result and use the download link. This method always worked until my last installation.

What I didn’t realize is that Comodo Premium is the free version, while Comodo Pro is the paid version. Links to trials for the Pro version are everywhere, but links to the Premium (free) version are much harder to find. The links in the post that Eric Cryptid linked to in the very first reply to my original post are links to the Premium (i.e. free) version. If you have a trial of Pro installed and don’t want to pay for the Pro product, the only fix I’m aware of is to export your settings, uninstall the Pro version, and install the free Premium version, then import your settings again.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of the names; how would a new user know the difference between the “Pro” and “Premium” versions? “Premium” almost by definition implies added functionality over a free version. I couldn’t even find a Comodo page clearly explaining the differences between these two versions.

Hi dbeyr,

Sorry for the inconvenience, we are aware of this and we have taken this to the web-dev team notice.
We will keep you posted on this.
For time being kindly refer the below link to download the free of CIS premium/Comodo antivirus only/Comodo firewall only.


thanks – the link to bluesnap is now indeed working, but the links on “I have read and agree to the End User license/Service Agreement and Terms of sale” (of which the acknowledgement is mandatory for purchase) are leading to 404 (“The page you were looking for doesn’t exist.”):