Does Comodo free digital certicate only work in Comodo Secure Mail client? [Answ

Does the Comodo free digital signature that I’ve successfully collected and installed only work if I install and use CSE?

Also, I’ve read differing advice about how a recipient can read an encrypted, digitally signed email that the holder of the digital certificate sends? I thought I only had to send it to them and that Comodo then automatically assigns their specific email address a temporary signature or something? But then I read that recipients have to apply for and install a digital signature of their own?

It really depends whether you want to set up long term secure comms or just communicate securely once.

If it’s long term it best for each of you to install each others certificate.

If a one off, you can use one off encryption say to send to them. They would then have to read it using the secure mail reader web site.

If you tr to use the one off method, please do tell me how you find it. Someone reported it was down, and i’d like to know status

Hope this helps


To answer your other Q, yes you can use Comodo certs in other software.