Does Comodo comply with U.S. Embargoes?

I saw this (McAfee Support Community) on McAfee’s page about their product not being permitted for use in countries embargoed by the U.S. I was wondering, since Comodo’s Headquarters are in the United States, do they comply with these laws and not authorize their product in countries embargoed by the U.S.? I was just wondering because I didn’t know that embargoes also applied to digital software.

I’m really surprised by your question … sure they (Comodo) will comply & why they would not & how they could not?
Are you serious? (no doubts you are), but

… didn’t know that embargoes also applied to digital software…
Embargoes applied to … hmm 88)… lavatory bowls supplied by one given country to another.
Do you want me 2 b more specific?

… and then we’ll wait for them (again, Comodo) & any (repeat any) company involved into “security business” to comply & being involved into stuff like “malware being legal”, which is pushed by any existing government(s) out there currently.

My personal opinion:
whatever any security company (payed or free product producers) tells you, which is - “No!”. “Never”!.. read my lips - BULLrubbish*! (sounds like BS, has a specific color of BS, smells like BS & so on & so forth )

So, basically “embargoes” are the least we should be concerned about now


added: “BULLrubbish*!” hehe! I like this auto-edit by forum software… I mean BULL__**
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Hello SiberLynx, it’s been a while. Honesty obliges me to say that this contribution is not up to the standards that we have seen from you in the past. :-\

“a while” for what?

“obliges”? :o
You are not compelled to say anything - just move it to the “Policy Violation Board” as you used to with some (latest included) message(s) of mine which are not even close to be considered as “violation”

Well, sure my comment about BULL__** in P.S. is not nice at all. I do agree, but now & then one may “release a bit of steam”…

At the same time, instead of just showing again & again your disliking of me personally for some criticism towards Comodo’s development (which never was destructive), you rather constructively comment on question raised by OP & the point I tried to convey in my answer

That would be more interesting than another “spit against a wind”.
Usually you miss… who doesn’t know that?
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Thank you.

It’s my prerogative to not move the post but to talk to you directly. I remember a SiberLynx who shared well worded and clear thoughts, which were not always in favour of product development, but appreciated nonetheless. But you also were not shy of mixing in polemic twists. Anyway, I’d rather see the old SiberLynx, with his polemic twist, and not the one who just stops by to ■■■■ off steam.

So much for the off topic… !ot!