Does comodo block win 10 updates?

Hi… Long story short

Today i got a large win 10 cumulative update, but it failed to install.

A friend of mine got another win 10 previous cumulative update that failed. Clean installing windows made them install successful.

Common thing for both of us: we have comodo installed.

Please… Just for testing sake… Make sure that it is not comodo that causes the updates to fail… Make some tests please. :slight_smile:

Comodo here, just installed all W10 updates

Now I’ve restored windows from my image (it’s basic windows with my drivers - no other software installed)

I have installed windows updates yet again, on my clean system… They worked ! Since i don’t use another security solution, hips, or program that could hinder the update process… Sorry comodo, but I can’t help but suspect your software may have a flaw… I would like some feedback, tests … If possible… I don’t know what could hinder the process… Yet i take into account other possibilities.

I have posted the problem also on ms forums… But their answers are always generic and scriptic.

Don’t really know what to do now.

no comodo doesnt block windows 10 updates

I have all updates installed successfully, Comodo CIS has never been uninstalled.
The issue is on your end, Not CIS

Windows updates are working fine here for Win 10. I am using an updated Insider version.

Do the two computers have the same hardware? Did you try troubleshooting steps for Windows Update?

I reinstalled Windows and the updates seem to work fine now… I guess it must have been one of those updates that MS has retired. I must have had it installed and that may have caused problems. (just guessing)