Does CIS have some switch to log all operations it is carrying out in detail?


sometimes my CIS completely deadlocks the entire system and i even cant debug my os with a KD to see where it stuck. In that case i have to reset my entire system to restart and make it work again :frowning: My question is whether CIS has some feature somewhere (reg flag, cmd switch, ini file setting etc.) to activate (beside the known logs of the app) to make it monitor any action its doing before and after it has performed in detail, e.g. something like monitoring each api call, memory operation, device irp handling, irp major/minor function code handling, driver stacks passing, caller/callee path, operational irql etc. Do i have any chance to set some switch somewhere to get that kind of information? This can be really of help to find e.g. some colliding driver or other issue,…

Thanks in advance